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The state of Louisiana has strict laws regarding illegal drugs, from the minimum sentencing guidelines to the substances that are classified as illegal. A conviction on even a misdemeanor drug charge can result in jail time. Felony charges carry the potential for even longer prison stretches. The quality, experience and toughness of a Baton Rouge drug lawyer might be the difference on everything from the charges that get filed to the verdict of the jury to the potential sentence issued by a judge. 

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Marijuana Penalties in Louisiana

An increasing number of states might be legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, but Louisiana is not one of them. The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is allowed, but that requires a prescription from a doctor. Otherwise, on everything from possession to distribution, marijuana is illegal here in Louisiana. 

The potential penalties range depending on the quantity of marijuana involved. Possession of 14 grams or less is a misdemeanor with no jail time and a maximum fine of $100. But anything over 14 grams at least opens the door to up to six months behind bars. Once the quantity weighs in at 2 ½ pounds, the charges become felonies, with a minimum sentence of two years in jail and possibly as long as ten years behind bars. Penalties continue to incrementally escalate with quantity, peaking at a 25-year mandatory minimum for possession of 10,000 pounds or more of marijuana. 

Distribution is even more harshly sanctioned. To begin with, the amount involved in distribution is irrelevant—it is always a felony, and a first offense means a prison stretch of anywhere from 5 to 30 years. If the sale was done to a minor, the maximum sentence rises to 45 years in jail. Future offenses see minimums double to 10 years and maximums that reach as high as 60 years for selling to an adult and 90 years if the buyer is a minor. 

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Drug Crimes Can Involve Federal Charges

The possibility of federal prosecutors getting involved is a further complication that can come with drug offenses. It’s important to have a Baton Rouge drug lawyer who is experienced in federal court specifically, because these cases often have a different dynamic than those prosecuted at the state level. 

Federal prosecutors typically have lower caseloads then do their state counterparts. This means they may be less likely to offer favorable plea bargain agreements. It means they can give greater focus to the cases they do move forward on. Judges in federal courts can follow suit, often demanding a stricter attention to detail than would be the case in the state system. An experienced attorney, with a strong team behind them, has a better chance of being prepared for its coming and then matching—and even exceeding---the prosecutor’s attention to legal detail. 

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Other Drug Offenses 

Louisiana classifies illegal drugs—formally known as Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) into five different categories. Where each drug fits depends on how addictive it can be, as well as to what (if any) legitimate medical usage it has. 

Schedule 1 drugs are considered the most serious. They are highly addictive and have little, if any, medicinal value. Heroin is a prime example of a Schedule 1 drug. The Schedule 2 substances, like opium and morphine, are not far behind in how dangerous they can be and how severely they will be treated in a court of law.


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