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Drunk Driver Crosses Median - Kills Family

Wrongful Death - $5.5 Million Verdict


What started the high speed game of “ Cat and Mouse” will never be publically known. What is known is the drivers of two vehicles became indifferent to the rules of the road and began participating a road rage incident that lasted for almost ten miles. It was a night along I-12 in Baton Rouge that will never be forgotten.

Witnesses testified that a white truck sped up onto the rear of a green car and began flashing its lights. The green car refused to give way. When the white truck attempted to change lanes and pass, the green car moved over and refused to let the white truck pass. The two vehicles would speed up, then slow down, then speed up again. Other motorists traveling 70 miles per hours testified the green car and white truck “ blew by us like they were standing still”. As the vehicles whipped in and out of traffic they almost collided with other vehicles.

Eventually, the green car moved to the right lane and the white truck was right on its bumper. At one point the white truck moved to the right and attempted to pass the green car on the shoulder. As the white truck sped up, so did the green car. When the white truck quickly jerked to the left and tried to get in front of the green car, the green car clipped the bumper of the white truck. This contact sent the white truck into a spin and across the grassy median of I-12. Once across the median and in the opposite lanes of traffic, the white truck collided with a tanker truck. The force of the collision sent the white truck ricocheting back into the path of a vehicle carrying a single mother, her three small children, and a co-worker.

The collision between the white truck and the family car was described as “..something like an airplane crash.” Veteran State Troopers called it worst collision they had every seen, saying it looked like a “war zone.” The family car exploded into flames with everyone trapped inside. Witnesses testified they despite the screams for help, they could not reach the family due to the heat of the fire. The entire family perished in the burning car.

The driver of the white truck was found to have a gallon bottle of whiskey with him. He admitted his BAC was at least .10 at the time of the collision.

Neither the driver of the white truck nor the green car accepted any degree of responsibility and through the entire trial continued to point the finger at the other driver. The attorneys at BEALL & THIES, LLC proved at trial each was 50-50 at fault for the death of these innocent people.

Drunk Driver Crosses Median - Kills Family 1