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Wills & Successions

Baton Rouge Will & Succession Attorneys

Need a Will in Baton Rouge?

Have you considered what will happen to your estate after you pass? It’s never too late to get started. Beall & Thies, LLC can help you draft a Will that is comprehensive and legally binding. Choose us when it comes time to plan your legacy!

Why Do I Need a Will?

If you have a family, a home and assets to pass on, then a Will is the legal document that can simplify the process of distributing your estate. Without it, your loved ones may face unnecessary complications when trying to receive their inheritance. A Will not only guides how your property is distributed but also ensures that everything goes smoothly after you are gone.

What is Succession?

When someone has passed, their estate enters a court-supervised process known as probate in common law states. This process is know as a “Succession” in Louisiana. A Succession is our judicial process to distribute the deceased’s property and assets. If you die without a Will then your estates is considered to be an intestate succession and your estate will be administered and distributed according to our intestate succession laws. This means the state of Louisiana has essentially written your Will for you and your assets will be distributed accordingly without any consideration of any oral last wishes that you may have expressed. All Wills must be in writing.

Contested Succession Litigation

Succession and the distribution of a deceased’s assets can and are often litigated. If you believe a family member has manipulated a Will, destroyed a Will, or fraudulently created a new Will, either by forgery or for someone who no longer maintained sufficient legal capacity to execute a new Will prior to their death, please call us to discuss your options to challenge the alleged Will and succession.

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