Wrongful Death – $1.3 Million Settlement:  An elderly gentleman was traveling down Government Street on his way to pick up dinner for he and his wife.  As he proceeded with the right of way, another motorist was in a hurry and chose to make an illegal left-turn, thereby turning directly into the path of the elderly gentleman causing a horrific collision.  The gentleman was found lying on the ground with agonizing pain to his back and neck.  He was immobilized and transported to a local hospital.

At  presentation to a physician, the gentleman was unable to move his arms or legs.  A Cat Scan evidenced a fracture to his cervical spine with a bleed into the spinal canal.  He underwent multiple surgeries, but was ultimately rendered quadriplegic.  He suffered respiratory failure during surgery and was placed on a ventilator and feeding tube. He died within a few weeks from post accident complications.

The left-turning motorist chose to deny responsibility and never reached out to the gentleman’s family.

Our firm represented the gentleman’s daughter, with whom he had a very close and loving relationship.  Along with co-counsel for other family members, our attorneys secured the above recovery for the family, assisted with funeral arrangements, and provided emotional support during this tragedy.

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