Hit & Run – $1.1 Million Settlement:  Our client came to New Orleans to enjoy Christmas shopping and an LSU Bowl game. She and her husband had just had  dinner in the French Quarter and decided to retire early so they could enjoy bowl game festivities the following day.  They were on the sidewalk a few blocks from their hotel when out of nowhere an SUV came barreling up onto the sidewalk running over our client.  She was pinned underneath the vehicle.  Witnesses stated the driver looked glassy-eyed and was non-responsive to their commands to not back up.  The driver proceeded to back up, dragging our client for several feet before she became released, laying unconscious on the sidewalk and losing large amounts of blood.

Witnesses attempted to block the SUV from leaving the scene, but he chose to attempt to run them over and began to flee.  Witnesses proceeded to give chase on foot wherein they finally reached the vehicle.  They continued to report the driver purposefully ignored them and was being unresponsive to their commands to stop.  They did however obtain a license plate number.

Our attorneys learned the driver was a young professional who had just left his office Christmas party, where alcohol had been served.  Likewise it was discovered that the driver took a prescribed medication which, when mixed with alcohol, could have detrimental side-effects. Both the driver and his insurance company denied any and all liability for the driver’s actions, alleging the driver never lost control, never drove onto the sidewalk, and never knew he hit anyone, and further denied any impairment. 

Our client suffered fractured ribs, a punctured lung, multiple lacerations, and damage to her cervical spine requiring a two-level fusion in her spine.  Her surgeon testified that she would likely need and additional future surgery.  Her medical bills were close to two hundred thousand dollars.

On behalf of our client, we secured the above amount, thereby paying all medical bills, providing for the future surgery, and providing some new life value for that which had been taken away.

Hit & Run Causes Possible Impairment Requiring Multiple Surgeries 1Hit & Run Causes Possible Impairment Requiring Multiple Surgeries 2