Fur-ever Home Foundation 1

The Fur-Ever Home Foundation

Beall & Thies, LLC is excited to announce the formation of the FUR-EVER HOME FOUNDATION.  A federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable tax deductible entity.  The FUR-EVER HOME FOUNDATION is an organization dedicated to assisting our local animal shelters with the adoption and re-homing of our local homeless pets.

Our mission is to partner with local NO-KILL shelters, to assist in community programs designed to educate responsible pet ownership and further the cause of decreasing the unwanted pet population.

More often than not, our local animal shelters are the last ones to receive government funds.  The lack of assets creates problems for our community and the pet population.  Due to drastic underfunding our communities are unable to put much of any programs in place to find homes for these animals, we are unable to provide spaying and neutering services, and we are unable to insure these animals are not spreading disease.

Your generous contribution will help us make a difference. 

At Beall & Thies, LLC, we represent some of the most compassionate people in our area.  If you are motivated to make a donation you can make this donation by telling us to take a specific amount out of your settlement check at your disbursement.  Please know when our clients make a donation every single penny goes directly to the benefit of the animals who need our support.  This is because Beall & Thies, LLC guarantees to cover every single administrative cost!  Everything from thank you cards to accounting fees.  We want you to know when you make a donation it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE and EVERY PENNY GOES DIRECTLY TO THE ANIMALS! 

30980522_sOur passion is helping those who need it.  This is why Beall & Thies, LLC opened our doors on December 12, 2002.  We knew from the beginning that we would make a difference once family, one individual, one careless actor at a time.  We have always taken great pride in doing good honest work for good honest people and being the voice for those who need us.  We formed the Fur-Ever Home Foundation to assume the role as the voice of the animals in our community.

There is an old saying that “I have never been given anything without asking for it.”  So, we ask because we believe we can make a difference and the local pet community cannot ask on their own.  Although we encourage our clients to help us be the voice of our local pet population we recognize this endeavor is not for everyone.  “NO” is a perfectly good answer.  We will not be offended and we appreciate your consideration.

Although our clients know our passion for helping animals you do not have to be a client to make a donation.  The Fur-Ever Home Foundation accepts all donations from all sources. 

Be on the lookout for the next adopt a dog or cat event the Fur-Ever Home Foundation puts on.  We will do our best to let everyone know when and where they can find us.  We will be taking pictures and uploading them to this website periodically.  Remember you do not have to wait for an event to visit a local animal shelter to bring a dog or cat into your family.

Thank you again for supporting the Fur-Ever Home Foundation where we guarantee 100% of your donation will go DIRECTLY to supporting our local animal shelters and ASPCA’s.  Russell, Billy and our entire staff greatly appreciate any and all help.  The Fur-Ever Home Foundation is a natural extension of what we do every day as we continue to help those without a voice.