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Family Law

Family Law Attorneys in Baton Rouge

Dealing with Custody Disputes or Family Legal Issues in Baton Rouge?

When dealing with legal issues involving families, our attorneys are careful to avoid long-term emotional and financial hardships that can result from poor management. Navigating this area of the law without professional legal representation can be extremely challenging provided that family law is designed to protect the best interest of children, the property rights of individuals, and extreme prejudice to parties seeking to dissolve a marriage. If you are dealing with legal issues pertaining to your family, it is advised to hire a professional attorney,

At Beall & Thies, we will manage this complex legal field for you and help prepare a reasonable case for the judge to consider. It is the mission of our attorneys to assist you in preserving as much of your freedom in the decision-making process, and if necessary, to present evidence to the court that the ultimate decision is one in which aligns itself with your way of thinking.

Types of Family Law Cases

While the law is the same, how it applies to each individual is very different. For this reason, it is very important that a qualified attorney is entrusted to examine the facts of your case and determine the best route to present your argument to the judge.

Family law issues may present themselves in many different ways such as:

Our Approach to Family Law

At Beall & Thies, we believe in resolving your case promptly and placing you in the best situation possible. When we focus on a case, we ensure that every element is carefully managed. When it comes to matters of personal property, we guarantee that your property will be properly classified and that a fair value is assigned to each item. If any reimbursements are due, then these are diligently sought.

Caring for Your Children

The majority of our focus in these cases is to assist both parties in coming to an agreeable custody plan that serves the best interest of the children. Our attorneys are mindful of the sensitivity of the situation and will develop a deal that centers around the best interest of your children.

Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Recognizing the cost and time of legal services, our firm will resolve your case promptly to avoid excessive fees. As unpleasant and unfair as it may be MONEY is a weapon. Money does allow an attorney to develop your case and obtain the evidence necessary to prove your case. We are committed to applying for your money as productively as possible. When selecting an attorney, always remember that you are in charge.

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