Safety Manager Drives into Intersection Without Acknowledging On-Coming Traffic – $ 650,000.00 Settlement:  His company had him wake at 3:00 a.m. and drive 6 hours to Louisiana.  He was then required to work a full day before being released.  After picking up a sandwich on the way to his hotel, the safety manager for this large, national company was attempting to return to the main highway and stopped at a stop sign.

The reason he drove through the stop sign and into oncoming traffic remains unknown.  Perhaps he chose to be distracted by something – – perhaps he was too drowsy to continue driving – – or perhaps, he chose to pay more attention to his sandwich than the road.  For whatever reason, his  decision to not insure the coast was clear resulted in a serious collision.

Our client was the passenger in a vehicle traveling along the highway, with the right of way. He was returning from work and looking forward to a relaxing evening at home with his family.  Everything changed that day.   The collision  was  so  violent, our client had  to be extracted with the jaws of life and transported to the emergency room.

During the months that followed the pain associated with his injuries became too much to bear.  He lost time from work and eventually was forced to have a single level fusion of his neck, providing him some relief.

Rather than admit and address the conduct of their Safety Manager, this company chose to defend the consequences of his actions by attacking our client’s private life.  They rummaged through his Facebook, attempted to use decades old family court filings, and other minor life events to try to paint him as an unlikable person.  Our attorneys successfully obtained Court Order prohibiting the use of irrelevant evidence, which forced the company to finally do the right thing.