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DWI / DUI Attorneys in Baton Rouge

Arrested for a DWI / DUI?

Protect your driving privileges and sleep with peace of mind when you entrust your case in the hands of one of the most reputable and aggressive DWI / DUI lawyers in the area. When you contact Beall & Thies, our firm will start providing the legal protection you need to recover from these serious charges. Avoid hiring an attorney that is not prepared; our attorneys challenge theĀ  DWI Task Force, District Attorney, and judicial system to resolve or minimize the penalty.

We continuously advocate for those arrested for DWI / DUI incidents. Led by William W. Thies, our DUI lawyers have a proven record of obtaining not guilty verdicts. When you hire our firm, your anxiety will be lower because we will take as much time as we need to fully explain the two step process that make up the civil drivers license side and the criminal prosecution side that are part of every DUI/DWI case.

We will also explain what PTI (Pre-Trial Intervention) is, what is costs and why you may want to consider PTI.

You only have 30 days from the date of your arrest to take action to stop an initial suspension of your license.

When Should You Contact a DWI/DUI Attorney?

As soon as permissible, call our firm to discuss your charge with a DWI lawyer immediately. Upon contacting us, we will explain to you the entire prosecution process and what to expect. We are confident that after the first phone call you will be confident that your case is in the right hands.

A DWI / DUI conviction can have lasting effects on your future; therefore we will examine every detail in your case to either resolve or minimize the legal penalties.

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