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"Muscle Car" Hydroplanes & Crashes into Home

Vehicle Crash - $1.2 Million Settlement

In testimony she referred to it as a “muscle car”. So, it came as no surprise to us that when a young girl decided to execute a dangerous lane change, she lost control of her “muscle car” causing it to collide with a local family’s RV. Out of control on a wet surface, the Camaro slid at highway speed and slammed into our clients’ motorhome. One moment the motorhome is returning from a family outing, and the next moment it was sent into a violent spin, where it almost began flipping. While the Dad was able to get the motorhome under control, his wife was thrown around the interior of the motor home. The “muscle car” driver attempted to blame the Dad, saying he came into her lane. Grandpa was riding in the passenger seat and said he actually saw the Camaro in the side mirror, sliding across the highway just before impact. The insurance company sided with the young girl and said her story was the correct one. However, after reviewing the physical evidence, an engineer from the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M university concluded the “muscle car” losing control was the reason for this crash.

A healthy, 43 yr old mother of 3 had her life changed forever that day. The entire family was changed. Mom underwent over 10 invasive procedures to address multiple disabling injuries. She has begun the process to have a medical device implanted into her spine to assist with daily function. The insurance company hired a doctor to say the Mom had suffered no injuries in this crash. Considering the overwhelming medical evidence, the Judge in this case ruled the Insurance Company Doctor’s opinion was so outrageous and so beyond credible that the doctor was not allowed to testify at trial.

With thousands of dollars in past and continuing medical bills adding up, Attorney Russell Beall was able to make the insurance company pay over $ 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS to make up for the harms and losses suffered by this mother and her family. The outcome does not change the poor decision of the “muscle car” driver, but it will insure this mom gets the future medical care she needs.

"Muscle Car" Hydroplanes & Crashes into Home 1